Island Stone’s Pool Stone Sukabumi Select Brings World-Renowned Luxury to U.S. Pools

With striking emerald hues and natural performance, the stone is the star of luxury resorts around the world.

(Watsonville, CA, Aug 3, 2023) With the launch of the Pool Stone Sukabumi Select collection, Island Stone brings a custom-curated range of the much-revered Balinese Sukabumi stone to the U.S. market. Sukabumi Select is the preeminent material for pools at high-end resorts and five-star villas throughout the world, and has been used extensively in southeast Asia as the leading luxury lagoon look. It features state-of-the-art engineering and calibration to ensure each piece is of the highest quality. For the Pool Stone Sukabumi Select collection, Island Stone hand-selects specific tones to create the ultimate blend that makes designing and installing pool projects as easy as possible.

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Island Stone Introduces Stone Mosaics Penny Rounds

Dramatic stone mosaics offer a new approach to a timeless design pattern

(Watsonville, CA, March 23, 2023) Island Stone, manufacturer of handcrafted stone and glass tile, is bringing a modern take to the classic, beloved penny tile. Stone Mosaics Penny Rounds refresh the retro look with the dramatic appearance of the company’s marble mosaics first popularized by the Spindrift Marble pattern. Stone Mosaics Penny Rounds feature the timeless 3/4” tiles in the traditional offset pattern, while the distinct nature of the stone adds a truly unique aesthetic.
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Island Stone Launches Line of Stone Ledger Panels

Groundbreaking patterns and textures in the Evolution Collection deliver modern take on natural, exotic stone

(Watsonville, CA, February 16, 2023) Island Stone, manufacturer of handcrafted stone and glass tile, introduces the Evolution Collection of precision-built stone ledger panels in groundbreaking patterns. The Evolution Collection captures the intrinsic appeal of exotic stones in a modern blend of rectangles and textures. The resulting designs reflect a distinctive departure from classic ledgers, offering the ability to create original, modern installations.

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Island Stone Debuts New Tile Blends for Fall 2022

15 new blends for the company’s most popular stone and pebble mosaics reflect the latest color trends while elevating the tiles’ design versatility

(Watsonville, CA, October 12, 2022) Island Stone, manufacturer of handcrafted stone and glass tile, is building on its legacy stone mosaic tile patterns with a range of new blends for Fall 2022. The launch reflects Island Stone’s design aesthetic with a diverse selection of unique stones and blends in several of its most popular stone mosaic patterns—Cobbles, Level Pebble, Perfect Pebble, Spindrift Marble, and Random.

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Island Stone Introduces Rhythm Stone Tile Collection

A sophisticated collection that uses modern manufacturing techniques to achieve a unique, dimensional design

(Watsonville, CA, August 24, 2022) Rhythm, Island Stone’s new collection of dimensional stone tiles has leveraged modern manufacturing techniques with precision machinery to offer a new take on the company’s popular wedge design relief. Rhythm’s prominent design attribute lies in the smooth transition between the highest point, or apex, and lowest point of each slender tile strip. The elimination of rugged, angular joints at the apex of the original wedge design creates a softening effect for a soothing, more rhythmic overall appearance in the new design, while highlighting the natural appearance of stone.

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Team From Island Stone Raises Funds for SurfAID During Annual Surfing Competition

Island Stone employees won the SurfAid Cup while raising money for women’s and children’s health initiatives in Indonesia, Mexico, and Solomon Islands

(Pleasure Point, CA, May 12, 2022) Island Stone, manufacturer of handcrafted stone and glass tile, hosted a team at the annual SurfAid Cup Santa Cruz. The event raised funds for SurfAid, a non-profit that seeks to improve the lives of women and children in Indonesia, Mexico, and Solomon Islands by working with local communities to build health centers, clean water sources, and gardens, as well as to train health volunteers and midwives.
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Island Stone Applies Its Innovative Aesthetic to Nomad, Its Inaugural Ceramic Tile Collection

Nomad brings the unique Island Stone look to ceramics, with distinctive tiles that work seamlessly with their natural stone and glass collections

(Watsonville, CA, March 11, 2022) Renowned for innovative stone tile and a creative approach to glass tile, Island Stone is taking its distinct modern, natural design aesthetic to a new medium—ceramics. Partnering with one of the most well-known ceramic tile manufacturers in Valencia, Spain, and leveraging their 120 years of expertise, Island Stone developed Nomad, a ceramic tile range that features subtle translucent glazes and effortlessly flowing surfaces. Offered in a modern 3.5” x 12” subway format, the collection balances the demand for larger commercial project tiles with a size appropriate for residential use.

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Island Stone Introduces the Impressions Collection of Glass Tiles

The painterly effect of the distinctive glass tile reimagines the naturally varying appearance of concrete tiles

(Watsonville, CA, January 18, 2022) Island Stone’s new Impressions Collection reimagines concrete’s unique look in a glass tile medium, allowing the aesthetic to apply to a much broader range of products. Inspired by the natural variations of concrete tiles, Impressions glass tiles feature color hues blended in subtle, mesmerizing patterns on the glossy-surfaced, fused glass. Placed together, the diverse and distinctive tiles create a naturally flowing and visually stunning look, which offers a calm alternative to the complex patterns commonly found in glass tiles.

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Island Stone Adds Three New Colors to Palms Glass Tile Collection

Soothing and sophisticated, the wedged-shaped tiles emulate the movement of tropical fronds

(Watsonville, CA, December 8, 2021) As its name suggests, Island Stone’s Palms tiles mirror the intricacy of palm leaves, with a fluid wedge shape that merges organic and geometric elements into a mesmerizing design. The pattern created by the tiles’ alternating placement, with narrow ends adjacent wider ends, creates a visual undulating effect, reminiscent of tropical fronds gently swaying in the breeze.

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Island Stone Introduces Ledger Panel and Ledger Corner Textured Wall Tiles

Ledger panels deliver the timeless look of split-face stone in an easy-to-install format

(Watsonville, CA, September 2, 2021) Island Stone is expanding its collection of Stone Essentials Textured Wall Tiles with the introduction of Ledger Panel and Ledger Corner. The textured wall tiles deliver the striking, enduring look of stone cladding in an easy-to-install, large-format stone Ledger panel suitable for indoor and outdoor residential and commercial applications.

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